Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside

Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside provides habitat for many rare plants native to the Siskiyou Mountains. These plants can grow in Serpentine soils which are toxic to many other species. The wayside has been a popular wildflower viewing spot for decades. Protection was spearheaded in 1937 by the Illinois Valley Garden club. This illustrated interpretative trail head sign (30″ x 26″) depicts 14 native plants in their habitat. Commissioned by the Illinois Valley Community Response Team, Illinois Valley Garden Club, BLM, and the Oregon State Parks. Loction: Rough & Ready Botanical Wayside, Illinois Valley, Josephine County, Oregon. Posters are available.



Rough and Ready Creek, a Botanical Wonderland

Rough and Ready Creek – It’s Too Special to Mine

About Rough and Ready Creek Botanical Area