ROUGH & READY BOTANICAL WAYSIDE: An illustrated interpretative trail head sign (30″ x 26″) in watercolor with pen & ink, depicting 14 native plants in their habitat. Commissioned by the Illinois Valley Community Response Team, Illinois Valley Garden Club, BLM, and the Oregon State Parks. Loction: Rough & Ready Botanical Wayside, Illinois Valley, Josephine County, Oregon.

PIERCE RIFFLE PARK: An illustrated interpretative trail sign (32″x68″) depicting over 50 plants and animals in their various habitats found at Pierce Riffle Park. Commissioned by the Josephine County Parks Department (1998). Location: Pierce Riffle Park, Josephine County, Oregon.

WETLANDS & NATURAL AREAS: Four illustrated interpretative trail signs (24″x36″) in pen & ink, emphasizing the importance of wetlands to our environment. Commissioned by the City of Grants Pass (1996). Location: All Sports Park, Grants Pass, Oregon.

LIMPY CREEK BOTANICAL TRAIL: Six interpretative illustrations (24″x36″) in watercolor and pen & ink, each explaining a unique plant habitat of the Siskiyou National Forest. Commissioned by the Siskiyou National Forest (1995). Location: Limpy Creek Botanical Trail, Siskiyou National Forest, Grants Pass, Oregon.

RARE SERPENTINE PLANTS POSTER: This poster (30″x22″) contains 20 species of plants from the Siskiyou National Forest, each drawn in its own habitat. The various habitats are integrated in the poster. Commissioned by the Siskiyou National Forest and eleven other sponsoring organizations (1994). Copies can be obtained by contacting the Siskiyou National Forest.